In these trainings, we will cover:

  • Introduction to Ultrasound Equipment and Theory
  • Establishing Alarm Levels, Baseline Readings, Setting Up Routes
  • Analyze and Record Sound Files
  • Acquiring and Analyzing Data, Generating Reports

  • Learn and practice the operation of the Ultraprobe
  • Use Ultratrend DMS Software
  • Learn and practice correct data acquisition techniques
  • Set up groups of points to test
  • Upload points into the Ultraprobe
  • Establish baseline readings on a “pilot” group
  • Download and organize the pilot group in DMS
  • Record and store sound files in the pilot group
  • Practice correct data acquisition techniques
  • Use Spectralyzer Software
  • View and import sound files
  • Create a database, take baseline and subsequent reading, download information into DMS, and generate reports
  • Review overall program goals, and work with an instructor to establish a realistic timeline for the implementation of the program based on several test points in the facility

  • Learn introduction to ultrasound equipment and theory
  • Learn introduction to applications and procedures
  • Learn introduction to DMS and Spectralyzer Software
  • Learn introduction to analyzing sound recordings
  • Learn introduction to report generation
  • Site walk down to identify assets that will be included on the inspection routes
  • Learn database creation based on site walk down
  • Acquire initial baseline data on routes created
  • Establish alarm levels
  • Learn how to use our equipment, software, and mobile apps
  • Learn specific applications to the needs of the program
  • Learn how to start your program, build the routes of 75-150 test points and collect data
  • How to review data, analyze, and create reports
  • Wrap up meeting, review of week’s activities


Level I – Louisville, KY

May, 13 - May, 17 2024
Louisville, KY Level I Certified Training Course Registration Required

Electrical Partial Discharge Inspection – Master Class (2 days)

May, 14 - May, 15 2024
Selangor, Malaysia Application Specific Courses

Bearing Lubrication & Monitoring (1 day)

May 16, 2024
Malaysia Application Specific Courses

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