The Morgan Lewis lawyer alumni community spans the globe. When you join Morgan Lewis, you become a part of something much larger—a culture that engages you as a valued colleague for life.

Our alumni are a core part of the Morgan Lewis family. Morgan Lewis alumni are valued clients, respected executives, thought leaders, and dynamic ambassadors of the legal community. Diverse and engaged, we seek to support our alumni community by keeping in touch with one another as well as our current Morgan Lewis lawyers. Our alumni program is open to former lawyers of the firm, or a legacy firm that is now part of the Morgan Lewis family.

The Morgan Lewis Alumni Network portal offers alumni news and spotlights, information regarding alumni events, and a searchable directory of former colleagues and current lawyers. Available for the exclusive use of our alumni and our current Morgan Lewis lawyers, the password protected portal encourages our alumni to remain connected via the online community.

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Alumni Spotlight
Notary of City of Moscow

The path into my current role would not have been easy if I had not had the opportunity to be a part of Morgan Lewis and to learn from my former colleagues. During my time at Morgan Lewis I developed skills that accelerated my new career path, and met people who contributed to my professional development even to this day. In other words, without the experience I gained at Morgan Lewis, it would have been a lot more difficult to get where I am now.

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General Counsel, International Airfinance Corporation

As a partner at Morgan Lewis, you are encouraged to grow the business and develop client relationships. You have an opportunity to attend client seminars and social events with face-to-face interaction with key contacts, which allows you to keep ongoing contact with clients. Being comfortable with this and being successful at it is a skill that requires practice.

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Co-Founder and Director of Howlett Brown, Founder of Honest Voice

Every single day since starting my own business, I have appreciated my experience at Morgan Lewis more and more. It definitely broadened my experience as a lawyer, including applying that background broadly across different industries, because prior to joining Morgan Lewis my experience had been predominantly in the financial services sector. I also gained invaluable experience related to business development.

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Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Starbucks Corporation

My work at Morgan Lewis really set me up for success in my career and ultimately my move in-house. When I was at the firm, I served in the business and finance practice with broad exposure across corporate disciplines, multiple industries, and diverse client groups. I handled mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance, and I served financial services, waste management, consumer product, learning and training, media, and telecom clients. I also had the opportunity to serve in an international context. I did a lot of work in Latin America and the United States, and ultimately my service in London provided me with the opportunity to work with companies in the United Kingdom and Europe, Middle East, and Africa region.

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Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, General Electric Company

Based on my experience as a general counsel, in private practice, and as a prosecutor, I thought I could be a part of the team that helped GE return to its better days. Life is about constantly taking on new challenges and continuing to learn and develop, and this job presented me with those opportunities. In addition, the GE Legal Department is the standard-bearer of in-house legal departments. I’m honored to have the opportunity to lead such a talented team.

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